In Loving Memory


      our beloved        James Byrd Jr "Son"

May 2, 1949 -June 7, 1998

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On June 7th,1998 James Byrd  Jr . was walking home in Jasper, Texas from a friend’s anniversary dinner when he was picked up by three white men and driven to an isolated rural road.  There he was beaten, spray painted and chained by his ankles to the rear of a pickup truck and dragged for nearly three miles dismembering his body.


James Byrd Jr, was a 49-year old black man, father of three children and a beloved member of the Byrd family of Jasper, Texas. This horrible death is not an isolated incident.   Racial crimes have had a long history in this country.


The Byrd family is committed to leaving these kinds of mindless killings behind us as we move forward in the future. Therefore, in 1999 we established a non-profit organization to promote racial healing and cultural diversity through education. Our motto is Stop the Hate...Educate.

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