Our Goals



  • To provide public enlightenment and education in matters regarding cultural diversity and historical research
  • To construct, preserve, maintain and operate a facility in Jasper, Texas, as a center for encouragement and advancement of racial healing through education
  • To heightened awareness to the consequences of racial hatred and hopefully reduce the number of racially motivated crimes
  • The Byrd Foundation and the Byrd Family are determined to fight  racially motivated hatred through Education 

President Obama announces the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act in 2009.

James Byrd Sr. (father), Stella Byrd (mother) Sefronia Thompson, Gov. Rick  Perry signing of the Hate Crime Bill.

Clara Taylor (sister), Louvon Harris (sister), Tiffany Taylor (niece) speaking after the execution of Russel Brewer.

Renee Byrd (daughter) Darrell Verrett (nephew) Bill Clinton comforting and supporting the family.

Ross Byrd (son) Jamie Byrd (daughter) speaking about their father's tragedy.

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